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Actually, these examples are integration test fixtures. Each contains:

  • template.xlsx with a Template file created in MS Excel,
  • viewModel.json with a ViewModel - data which will put into the template,
  • expected.xlsx with the expected result.
  • After tests being run: test-output.xlsx with fresh generated file.

These examples are able to run by using the command line tool, read more.

0FinishCellTesting FinishCell basic behaviour.
1EndRowTesting EndRowCell behaviour
2VariableTesting displaying value of view model variables by using VariableCell.
3WsNameTesting if WsNameCell set worksheet name correctly.
4HyperlinkTesting creating hyperlinks by HyperlinkCell.
5ForEach-simpleChecks simple loop.
6ForEach-Continue-stripped-tableChecks ContinueCell behaviour, creates stripped table.
7ForEach-SumChecks summing of loop part of column.
8DeleteTesting deleting variables.
9ForEach-AverageChecks getting of average of generated table.
10FormulaChecks formulas.
11DumpColsChecks horizontally appending columns.
12ForEach-specialChecks advance for each usages like looping on worksheets.
13Merged-cells-fillChecks merged cells behaviour
14ForEach-mergedChecks merged cells behaviour
15ForEach-merged-two-tablesChecks merged cells behaviour
16ForEach-merged-pyramidChecks merged cells behaviour
17TemplateFormulaDynamic formula creation
18TemplateStringDynamic content creation following by custom template string (Hello ${name}).