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Open Source Projects:

Hello! I'm incredibly fortunate that many of you can benefit from the results of my work. Currently, these are mainly projects related to processing Excel files. However, as soon as time permits, I have a bunch of ideas on how to improve these projects, as well as start new ones in the future - I happen to enjoy experimenting. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this!

For now, these are the projects and links to my documentation. Enjoy!:

  • ExcelJS - XLSX files workbook manager.
  • XLSX-Renderer - Generating excel files from templates.
  • XLSX-Import - Importing data from files into a typed data structure.

How can you support me?


Do you like my projects? Add something from yourself, and they will also become yours. I firmly believe that there's immense potential in the OSS community, which is why I strongly encourage engagement in open-source projects. If you use ExcelJS or any of my other projects, I especially encourage collaboration - this way, you can develop the library in a way that suits you, gaining support and gratitude from me and not just me, but the entire community ;D I have been contributing to Open Source projects on GH for many years, and it really adds a tremendous amount of satisfaction and prestige in every recruitment conversation.



I won't hide it, I have a business streak, so the best thing you can do is to collaborate with me. For this purpose, contact me at [email protected]. As part of the collaboration, I will implement my projects into your application, train your team, fix bugs, and add the functionalities you need. In short, don't waste time looking for solutions and training your team. My knowledge is at your fingertips.


Every time I talk about it, I feel a bit odd, like I'm begging. So I'll just mention this option shyly:


I would like to thank everyone who makes these projects possible, the entire community, and especially contributors, sponsors, and clients!