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XLSX Import - Command Line Interface

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Command line interface for xlsx-import. Configurable import spreadsheet files with TS types support.

Part of XToolset - collection of tools makes handling spreadsheet handy, easy with great developer experience.


Global installation

# Install globally:

npm i -g sxi

# Usages:

sxi config.js invoice.xlsx > result.json

Local installation

1. Install package

# install globally:
npm i --save sxi

# usages:
node_modules/.bin/sxi config.js invoice.xlsx > result.json

# usages with npx
npx sxi config.js invoice.xlsx > result.json

2. Additionally, possible to use with packages.json scripts


"scripts": {
"import-xlsx":"sxi config.js invoice.xlsx > result.json"


npm run import-xlsx


sxi config.js invoice.xlsx > result.json

# Additionally, great piping with xlsx-renderer-cli: (required `sxr` installed)
sxi config.js invoice.xlsx | sxr template.xlsx > refreshed-invoice.xlsx

Run prepared examples! 🚀

Command body

sxi [options] <config.js> [input.xlsx]


  • <config.js> indicate the config file.
  • [input.xlsx] data source.


The sxi writes into stdout imported data as a json, to save it into a file please to append > filename.json.

It is also allowed using pipe parameter to forward imported data into another command.

The Configuration File

The config inherit from xlsx-import. Please use link below for more information:

XLSX Import Documentation


If any help needed, just feel free to create an issue. We will be really thankful for added links into stackoverflow topics if exists.

We are ready to provide paid support, in order that please contact me: [email protected] or [email protected].