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Empowering Open Source: SiemaTeam's Journey

· 7 min read

Hello hello, I'm delighted to share some updates with you regarding the current situation. First off, I've launched @SiemaTeam, where together we organize MergeFests. These are online meetings where we collaboratively conduct code reviews and merge PRs from ExcelJS and XToolset. So far, we've already had four such events, and the next one - the fifth - starts soon! There's another surprise, for those who missed ExcelJS releases - I published a fork @siema-team/spreadsheets, which contains the latest and always up-to-date version of the main library.

EDIT 20-11-2023: I received permissions to publish exceljs npm package, and restored releasing cycle.

SiemaTeam - Open Source maintainers

@SiemaTeam is enthusiastic team of volunteers who are passionate about supporting open-source initiatives. If you're in need of assistance, consultancy, or if you'd like to join us in contributing to the growth and development of these projects, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:


or [email protected]

Our goal is to collaboratively develop open-source projects and promote their use. We believe that by doing so, we can contribute to the advancement of civilization. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to join us. We are very open to all kinds of contributions, including discussions and collaborative projects.

What's in it for us? At first glance, it seems like nothing. We do this as volunteers. However, you should know that it brings immense satisfaction and allows us to meet interesting people from around the world with similar (or different) approaches to Open Source. Personally, the moments spent in this community are irreplaceable. I warmly invite you to join us as well.


What is a MergeFest? I explained it once on LinkedIn post:

👋 #MergeFest is an opportunity to #review PRs and Issues, do reviews, and merge. The whole event is, of course, accompanied by a great discussion among #ExcelJS #contributors.


  1. Small Talk - about 5 minutes
  2. PR review: around 40 minutes
    • we take a PR from the list of candidates
    • we put it on the chat and give a moment to get acquainted with the PR
    • discussion / review
    • merge
  3. Further project development - 10 minutes
  4. Farewell and organization of the next MergeFest - 5minutes

The whole event is intended to be an informal gathering, where we can calmly discuss important issues for us and, above all, clear the list of PRs.

Best regards and see you there!

We try to organize them as often as possible, typically once or twice a week. Subscirbe the #exceljs channel, we always gather there when we have some spare time for the next MergeFest.

During the previous I - IV MergeFests, we merged 11 PRs from ExcelJS and few from XToolset. We reviewed more but they haven't been merged yet. We discuss our goals, including migrating to TypeScript and fixing errors. So the outcomes are tangible and real. Mergefest participants have a genuine impact on the projects' future.

Thank you all who joined these meetings, You're brillant! I really appreciate it!

Project: ExcelJS

We actively review PRs and address issues for ExcelJS. We want to achieve greater compatibility with the xlsx format. Migrate the entire project to TypeScript, and fix as many bugs as possible. Keep your fingers crossed!

If you'd like to support us, join our Discord conversation, or create a Pull Request. You can also become a sponsor or purchase my consulting services, and I'd be happy to discuss any potential perks.

Project: XToolset

After almost a year of not developing this fantastic project, I've returned to push it further. It has potential and I want to develop it. For those who don't aware, XToolset is a set of tools specialized in specific tasks, such as generating spreadsheets based on templates and facilitating easy data import.

Soon I'll submit some pull requests with a few improvements on GitHub and put a bundle on the CDN server. Following that, I'll release a new version. First, though, I want to develop ExcelJS, as xtoolset relies on it.

Project: is comming!

Additionally, I'm currently launching a startup. At this moment, I'm working out the details and getting ready to assemble a team. I hope to share our MVP in the near future.

Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoyed reading my update! Best regards, and see you soon!